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This is something that will hold strong throughout time. It's an easy virtual form of payment, we're embrassing that.


If you're feeling generous or interested in helping some brave dreamers reach a goal, throw a BTC (Gold 2.0) our way (micro, Satoshi or otherwise); here's the address you can use:

B1BRgY9hoAftHk1sCgRqYPv1SABWoRdk4DW TC:

If LiteCoins (Silver 2.0) are more your style, you can use this LTC address: Lfwx6umK5u34yTiyRxyi8nontvnHpmUybz


Or Peercoin (PPC): PGkDuyp1SPgR2TGwor9ms1X88qRKJSKei8

Or Megacoin (MGC): MDCsPuhrGxCvRBcDCPo6TgPGz9duv3qw1L

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