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Bros In The Know

Together We Make Everything Better. 
Everything, for everyone!

The BitK -The Landing Page

We are a couple guys with some talent (well, Rick has the talent), aiming for the status of Web-Celeb, if that's a thing.

Links To The Bros In The Know:

We're both voice actors and self proclaimed YouTube stars. 

Check out our Voices.com profiles here: Rick's and Luke's

You can contact either of us by email here: BrosInTheKnow(@)gmail.com or TheBitK(@)gmail.com

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday!

You can not change the past, but you will ruin the present by worrying about the future!

Careful how you spend your time, it's the only resource you can't get more of!


Remember, you can't enjoy the sunshine without the rain! (and other great motivational quips)!

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